Dragon Skin Bed Liners

The DragonSkin Bed Liner System

Spray-on liners do much more than protect truck beds.

This protective coating will insulate, waterproof, and even reduce noise on any receptive surface. The spray-on liner bonds to surfaces, including concrete, metal, wood, cement, ceramic, and fiberglass and is durable in virtually all temperature ranges. Depending on use, the spray-on textures range from rubbery and slip-proof to slippery and anti-stick.

Animal Care

The DragonSkin Bed Liner protects your investment from the normal wear and tear of caring for animals. This modern surfacing technology also create an easy-to-clean coating to prevent rot, bacterial growth, standing water, and lets you focus on what matters most. Pet, livestock and service animal safe!


The DragonSkin Bed Liner can be applied to storage silos, farm equipment, metal fences, tractor bodies and just about any surface that needs regular painting and maintenance. Extend the useful life of your equipment and save money!

Protect Your Investment!

The possibilities are endlless for the DragonSkin Bed Liner – why just paint it? Seal, Strengthen, and Save Money!

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